We’re looking for a guest mixer!

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Next guest mixer is you!

Follow the instructions below to be featured on Effekt Radio Episode 022!

Effekt Radio is currently streaming on Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud combined to 700 listeners world-wide. The winner will be announced on the October 1st (Episode 022) and will be critiqued based on the submission requirements and presentation. Submission is available now through September 27th 2017 by emailing the information below to podcast@nickykmusic.com. We are looking forward to hearing your submissions – good luck!

Effekt Radio Guest Mix Contest Rules + Requirements:

– 1 hour in length and uploaded to Soundcloud with a private link. (No other submission options are valid.)
– High-quality tracks only (320k .mp3’s). Low quality mixies will be excluded.
– Relative to the Tech-House/Deep House Genra
– Must contain clean language and no DJ drops
– Clean transitions and professional presentation
– Professional press photo for advertisement

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